Shoe Designer Spotlight: Tracey Neuls and her latest shop installation.

September 28, 2016









The other day whilst strolling down Marylebone Lane, I popped in to the wonderful shop of shoe designer Tracey Neuls and discovered the beautiful display of her AW16 collection that she set up in conjunction London Design Festival. 


For those who haven't heard of her, Tracey Neuls is a London based shoe designer with two stores in the city, one in Marylebone and one in Shoreditch. I first stumbled upon the Tracey Neuls Marylebone store about 7 years ago and loved her quirky style. A graduate of Cordwainers (where I currently study), she set up her brand in 2000 and has developed a loyal following of customers due to her quirky individual shoes that have the rare combination of beautiful design and superb comfort and quality. 


What I love about her designs is the clever little details that make you smile. They don't brag about their brilliance, they invite you in to take a closer look and appreciate the beauty in detail and subtlety. Shunning fashion fads, she stands out in a sea of homogenous shoes. Upon reading more about her for this post, I have found greater love for her brand. According to her website, every single component is made from scratch and shoes are made in small family-run factories with a real commitment on her part to ensuring quality and comfort. 


'Good design is something you feel as much as you see' - Tracey Neuls.


Her stores are equally as exciting as her shoes. Through innovative presentation methods, she creates an atmosphere and experience to complement the shoes themselves. My favourite part is that she always hangs her shoes on strings from the ceiling. My shoe presentation at my foundation degree was actually inspired by this as it brings them alive through movement and as Tracey puts it: “The shoes should be seen at 360 degrees, not just from the top – sometimes the best view is from the back!”

Read more about the brand here.


Currently the Marylebone store is presenting her AW16 collection in conjunction with London Design Festival. Set up like an old-fashioned school classroom, the project entitled 'Back to School' is so named because the main new toe shape was created whilst studying at cordwainers. Through September to November there will be talks and presentations held in the 'classroom'. 

Read more about that here.


I definitely recommend you visit the store to have a look for yourself. It is currently one of the most unique experiences relating to footwear and interesting for everyone that appreciates good design, creativity and art.



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